Green Knight Software Development

I'm Nat. I keep code organized and coders happy.

I help software and data science teams stay productive by keeping their code organized and their process polished.


I’m a full-stack software developer with experience working in bio-informatics, financial services, cloud platforms, and web development. Here’s how I can put my experience to work for you:

Python Development

Python gets used for lots of applications. I’ve used it for web applications, data processing, ETL, and scripting. If any of that sounds like a job you need done, I’d love to help you out.

Code Quality, Testing, and DevOps

There are times when code needs to be done fast, and there are times when code needs to to be done just right. Whether you need to migrate to Python 3, improve your test coverage, automate your build process, formalize your code packaging and dependency management, or just generally tidy up, I’d be pleased to offer advice or assistance.

Documentation and Training

When you’re growing your data team, your analysis should be creative but your code should be straightforward. Whether you’re developing best practices, taking your data game to the next level, or have team members that need code coaching, I can help you figure out what you should be doing and get your team on-board to help you do it.

Other Languages

Python is my strongest language, but it’s not my only one. I’m also looking for projects that use:


If you’d like to be in touch, you can send me an email , or find me online: